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Alkaline Water - The new health trend!

Alkaline Water - The new health trend!
First off, what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water that has a higher (or more alkaline) PH than normal tap or bottled water. Due to its high PH level it fights the acidic nature of your body which results in a multitude of health benefits.

A powerful antioxidant:
Pollution, smoke, dust and even household items can cause disease and illnesses. Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants which help fight free radicals that cause diseases. Since it is in liquid form is more effective in preventing these diseases as it is more easily absorbed into the body.

Better Hydration:
Since the water is alkaline, the molecule itself is smaller than tap or bottled water making the alkaline water more effective in hydration. With its natural ionized minerals, alkaline water helps your body circulate blood more effectively and ensures that your body is functioning at an optimal level.

Lose weight:
The most simple explanation for this is that alkaline water's PH fights the acid built up in your body by fatty acids. Foods that are high in fat and drinks that are high in sugar are very acidic in nature, which causes your body to produce fat to fight the acid content. Those who drink alkaline water do not need the fat to combat the acid as the alkaline water neutralises the acid in your body.

Fights cancer:
Cancer thrives in acidic environments and so alkaline water neutralise the acidic nature of your body and eliminates the high acidic environment. An alkaline balance in your body from drinking alkaline water will help prevent the cancerous growth of malignant cells.

Prevents diabetes:
Your pancreas thrive when you have an alkaline diet. Alkaline water helps the pancreas to regulate your blood sugar and helps them produce digestive enzymes that prevent the development of diabetes.

Saves money :
Investing in a water purifier that turns ordinary water into alkaline water is a great way to save money and be healthy. Alkaline water is very beneficial to your health and actively fights disease.

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3 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier in India

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier in India
Your family's health is the most important factor that you need to take into consideration when before you buy a water purifier. With multiple choices in the market, choosing the right purifier can get difficult. Here are the things you need to know before you buy the best water purifier.

You should keep the below mentioned points in mind when purchasing a water purifier for home:

Water Quality
The water quality in your are is a large factor you need to consider before you buy a water purifier. TDS is the level that measures your water quality. If your area had a high TDS level then you will need to opt for a RO water purifier, as the water quality in your area is hard water and it will need an RO water purifier to ensure the water is safe for drinking. The semi permeable membrane in an RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier will filter out any physical impurities in your water and allow clean and safe water out. For most cities in India an RO water purifier will suffice.
To see other types of water purifiers and their benefits click here.
Storage Capacity 
You will have to take into consideration the size of your family and the amount of water you consume daily before you buy a water purifier. If your area has regular power cuts, you need to ensure that you have enough water even without the electricity. Automated water purifiers fill up as the water level reduces so that you always have water in the storage tank.
After Sales service
A water purifier needs constant maintenance and care. Choose a company that is known for it's after sales service so that you can be sure that your water is clean constantly and that your water purifier lasts longer. The recommended time gap between servicing is 3-6 months depending on your water quality.
At Kelvinator we ensure that we provide you with the best water purifier for your needs. We offer free at home demos so that you can see for yourself how clean and pure the water is. We also have a great after sales service team that calls you up every quarter to come and service your water purifier free of cost for one year. 
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In India, all households must be fitted with a good water purifier. With so many water purifiers in the market, finding the best water purifier might seem difficult. With water purifiers that have modern technologies like RO, UV, UF, which one is the best technology for you?

Kelvinator aims to make buying a water purifier easy for you, with a couple of easy explanations and examples.

The first question you will ask before your first purchase of a water purifier is:

Do I need a water purifier?
Tap water contains a multitude of bacteria, dirt, waterborne diseases and other impurities that make drinking water smell and taste bad. The main aim of buying a water purifier is to eliminate all the above-mentioned impurities. Water is a big part of your life, and a water purifier ensures that you get the purest and safest drinking water. Without the use of an efficient water purifier, you are exposed to these contaminants and risk the chance of contracting diseases.

Is boiling water safe?
Boiling water will not remove particles that contain lead, chemicals, pesticides, mercury and many more toxins that are present in your water. You can succumb to lead poisoning or any other waterborne disease by consuming boiled water. In order to avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you invest in a water purifier.

Which water purifier should I buy?
If you are a first-time buyer, and just want a basic purifier, Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is the way to go! RO purifiers are short for Reverse Osmosis Purifiers. RO purifiers use reverse osmosis technology to filter out any foreign or toxic material in your water, making it good and safe drinking water. RO water purifiers are considered the best water purifiers for your home. Good RO water purifiers remove 98% of harmful water toxins and eliminate bad taste and smell from tap water.

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