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A Water Purifier That You Can Clean By Yourself!

A Water Purifier That You Can Clean By Yourself!

At Kelvinator we believe that your purity of water should never be compromised. Do you ever feel helpless when it comes to the cleanliness of your water purifier because you can't take it apart and clean it yourself? Kelvinator keeps its customers in mind when developing our international brand water purifiers and have released the Ayoni Ro (reverse osmosis) + UV (Ultraviolet) water purifier. The Ayoni is the best water purifier to buy for your home in India and not only does it purify your water, you can take the storage compartment out and clean it yourself.

The Kelvinator Ayoni RO (reverse osmosis) + UV (ultraviolet) water purifier has a 9 litre storage capacity unit that can also be taken out to be washed. It also has an inbuilt voltage stabiliser that ensures that your purifier works well and constantly provides clean and pure drinking water for your home. The voltage stabiliser is best for areas that have recurring power fluctuations and power cuts.

The Kelvinator Ayoni RO (reverse osmosis) and UV (ultraviolet) water purifier has a 6 stage advance purification system that removes all physical impurities from your water (through the reverse osmosis process) and all micro biological organisms (through the ultraviolet removal process). Equipped with an antiscaling stick, the Ayoni minimizes scaling caused by hard salts, that not only elongates the life of your membrane, but reduces the costs borne by constant replacements.

If you are worried about overflow, the Kelvinator Ayoni RO + UV  water purifier has an automatic switch that detects when there is a chance of overflow and switches the water purifier off. 


Once our kelvinator specialists instal the water purifier in your house, our customer service team takes over. The after sales service for Kelvinator water purifiers are the best in India. We ensure to make service calls to you once every quarter to come and check and replace any parts of your water purifier, and all free of cost for a year! 


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