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Air purifiers are an absolute need of the hour

Air purifiers are an absolute need of the hour

One deep breath and the sneezing fits begin! Is this what your normal day begins like? Well, that can change, in fact, a sneezing fit is a cautionary sign that you need to check the quality of air in your home and workplace. With the rising pollution and lowered immunity levels has a definite impact on our health, but with changing technology, this isn’t an issue that cannot be managed. With the right air purifier, you can not only control your breathing issues but further enhance the quality of life.

But what makes air purifiers such an urban necessity?

Air quality has dropped in most cities, with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore reaching peak pollution thresholds. People have been advised to wear masks, plant air purifying plants, take up breathing exercises and even take up prescription medication to deal with health issues. These issues can be easily fixed if you relied on a good air purifier.

What does the air contain that makes you fall sick?

Air in our homes may look clean but it sure has enough microscopic dirt and dust to make you sick, from animal fur to mold, dust and dander, the quality of air deteriorates quite rapidly if you smoke; the toxins and minute particles attach themselves to furniture, upholstery and in the long run affect all the members of your household.

If you want to rid yourself of these problems, buy yourself a Kelvinator air purifier.  Installing a Kelvinator purifier is a hassle-free process, from ordering it to installation. Kelvinator air purifiers are a dream. The advanced technology makes it efficient in ridding your space of dust, dirt and microbial matter. The cold catalyst filter can catalytically decompose the harmful gases in the air, such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ethyl mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide, and have the function of high-efficiency antibiotics. The quiet yet effective device ensures that your spaces are clean for your entire family. The exhaustive pre-filter removes the larger dust particles from the air and protects the HEPA filter while the HEPA filter can effectively filter the dust particles, pollen and bacteria >0.3um from the air. The air purifier is also remote operated which means that you can switch on purity from anywhere.

While you’re enjoying the winds of change, the Kelvinator purifier is working tirelessly to ensure that you have the best experience at home with regards to your health.. The Kelvinator team is also reachable 24/7 if you need any assistance. There are so many reasons to opt for a Kelvinator Purifier and the most important reason is the love for your family!