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Alkaline water - A sip in time saves lives!

Alkaline water - A sip in time saves lives!


Water, the most basic of needs and yet, one that has not been given much thought. Could it be that the secret to great health lies in a glass of water? Well, the newest health trend that has everyone excited is Alkaline water. From a scientific point of view, alkaline water is water that has higher PH level than normal tap or bottled water. Many celebrities have switched to the alkaline diet, after noticing that it offers unparalleled health benefits. Kelvinator is bringing you the best water purifier for home.

The alkaline water industry has seen a 200% rise and it is not surprising, especially given the rising pollution and greater awareness about diseases. Our lifestyle has deemed it necessary to do everything in our power to take control of our health. But the one myth about Alkaline water that has many people second-guessing their decision to invest in their health is the ‘cost’ involved. This is absolutely untrue, while bottled alkaline water is ‘pricey’, the Kelvinator water purifier converts normal water to alkaline water is a one-time investment in a long and healthy life that is also cost-effective.

 Alkaline water acts as a powerful tool to combat everything from weight gain to cancer. The simple reason that alkaline water works lies in the fact that it fights the acidic elements in your body to restore balance. Alkaline water or an alkaline diet can help in losing weight and make your workouts much more worth it! Our lifestyle is sugar rich, which is also acidic in nature, but drinking alkaline water neutralises the effects of this acid rich food. The dual benefit of using PH rich water is not just in losing weight but in also controlling diabetes. A risk that a majority of us face in this day and age.

At Kelvinator, our aim is to bring you cutting-edge water purification technology that will enhance your life and make it better. Kelvinator quanta water purifier removes inorganic polymeric molecules and microorganisms like physical and biological contamination. It also restores the original taste and freshness of water with the inbuilt Post - Carbon Cartridge.

But is alkaline water worth the hype? Most certainly. Working with the basic principles of chemistry, we are able to counteract the problems that arise from our sedentary and often stressful lives. By investing in a water purifier that makes alkaline water, you are securing your family's health and well being, one sip at a time!