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Bottled water vs Water purifier: How do the two compare?

Bottled water vs Water purifier: How do the two compare?

The foundation of good health, our building blocks, our sustenance... Water is something that we cannot survive without for a long time, yet it has something that we all often neglect. Here’s why we must not ignore the finer details when it comes to drinking water.

Let us keep in mind, that almost everything we consume nowadays is moderately to highly contaminated. This also implies that packaged foods and beverages may also fall into that category. Our hectic lives have made us busier and more goal-oriented and thus, we often fail to check the origin or the quality of the products we consume, especially drinking water. One such instance is the increased use of bottled water, esp in metros. People choose buy bottled water as they think it is convenient, clean or even sustainable. This simply isn’t true. Here’s why water purifiers should be installed in your home or office.

What type of water actually classifies as drinking water?
Any odourless, colourless, tasteless liquid which is free of any kind of harmful contaminants that may cause harm to any living being is classified as drinking water.

However, there is no particular method or technique to check the purity or level of contamination in the water we drink on a regular basis. That is why, your homes, offices and other institutions that require drinking water on a large basis as well as on a regular basis need a water purifier. The basic task of the water purifier is as obvious as its name but it has more benefits than you can imagine. Some purifiers not just purify the water that you are drinking but also helps to reduce the level of contaminants in the water you consume.

Why use a water purifier vs buying bottled water?

The case for a water purifier is fairly direct, a one time investment with multiple benefits.
It is affordable and extremely eco-friendly. Having one water purifier in an office can serve a minimum of 30-1000 employees without any visible wastage which would have been extremely different, had it been the number of disposable plastic bottles that all of the above-mentioned employees had used.  That implies that purifiers directly support us in reducing environmental waste. It’s cost efficient, it is smart as it generally comes with digital readings that make it convenient for everyone to be aware of what they consume.
Regardless of what anyone says, it is imperative that a water purifier becomes a necessity in each household to make this a safer and healthier environment to live in and our water purifiers promises to make sure that the filter is not just filtered but also purified and freed of any harmful elements that could affect your immunity.

Plastic bottles are often refilled with locally available impure water, the quality of which is highly questionable. A big brand selling bottled water is also expensive and yet, not the freshest drink.

While one may argue that there is no expiration dates on water, plastic bottled certainly have a specific shelf life. Water stored in plastic bottles is also subject to harsh conditions when it is transported, harsh sunlight, temperature fluctuation often result in deterioration of water.

Finally, there is the matter of convenience, with regular maintenance, water purifiers by Kelvinator last decades with zero hassles and the same efficiency. Simply fit and forget! Kelvinator is here to dispense clean water, every sip you take!

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