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Do you really need a water purifier?

Do you really need a water purifier?

Nowadays we can see a lot of companies coming up with various kinds of water purifier. Each has a new technology we never thought even existed, for instance, Ultra UV, RO, Mineral RO, Double Purification, and what not.
Among all this confusion, we started to dig a little deeper with a question in our mind – “Do we really need a water purifier?”
Here’s what we found

1.Don’t be mis‘LEAD’ :
Lead is a major cause of diseases and is very commonly found in unfiltered water. Filtering water before consumption can help prevent such situations by instantly eliminating lead from the water.

2.Save up on expenses:
Another way to get filtered water is to buy bottled water from the market which can get a little expensive in the longer run. Invest in a water purifier and save up on more money than you thought.

3.Cut the Crab :
Since you remove chlorine, you immediately reduce your chances of getting various types of Cancers like Breast, Colon, Bladder, etc.

4.Fear of the unknown :
It is a known fact that tap water contains more than 2100 known drinking water contaminants, including several known poisons. To keep your family and yourself safe, it is always advised to filter water by a water purifier before consumption

5.Improve your immunity :
Since you are preventing 2100 types of toxins from entering your body you are increasing your immunity. Your kidneys function better by flushing out toxins in your body.

In conclusion, investing in a water purifier is one of the wisest decisions one can take to ensure their and their family’s health.
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