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Drinking clean looking water isn't enough this rainy season

Drinking clean looking water isn't enough this rainy season

There is more to water than what meets the eyes. Even the purest looking water has a considerable amount of dissolved salts that nourish the body, but with our current urbanisation, salts and minerals are not the only things that have made their way to our water; pollutants, dust, and deadly microorganisms are also becoming more common. Gone are the days when you could sip water from the tap and expect it to be fine.

But, Kelvinator with its cutting-edge technology is facilitating the consumption of clean water across India. Come this monsoon season, there is a greater push for drinking filtered water by health professionals. While the rains bring with them a lot of happiness, they also bring concern. There are few reasons why you should worry about the drinking water condition this rainy season such as

The Pathogens that thrive in moist environments: The water vapour in the air facilitates in the growth of harmful bacteria. Dirt from landfills, animals waste, sewage from the drainage system are most likely to mix with flowing water and enter the water stream. Installing a UV + UF water filter helps rid the water of even the smallest of disease-causing pathogens.

The bad state of the water table: The onset of rains also aid in the contamination of the ground by channelling oils, pesticides and cleaning agents into the water table. When consumed, these dissolved impurities cause great harm to one’s health, especially children or adults with poor immunity.

Waterborne diseases that haunt even the healthiest of people: From an upset stomach to conditions like Diarrhea or leptospirosis that need critical care, a glass of water could be the very thing that breaks your immune system.

To ensure that you are out of harm's way this rainy season, you must start with basic measures such as

  1. Drinking purified water from a unit that has been serviced
  2. By cooking with clean drinking water. Inspite of having boiling water, there are chances that the water is not 100% clean, but using clean drinking water eliminates this risk.
  3. Avoid eating out: While the local eateries have a great spread of rainy day treats, it is advised that you avoid them.

There are many ways to keep your family healthy this rainy season, the easiest way starts with a sip of water!