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How can you reuse the water from your RO purifier?

How can you reuse the water from your RO purifier?

RO water purifiers are a godsend because they ensure the quality of water is optimal for consumption. With RO purifiers you get sweeter, hygienic, safe and healthy (according to the brand of product in use) water that can be seen to be clean. Boiling water does not compare because it cannot remove the particulate matter common in the tap water. But the only downside to RO purifiers is the amount of wastewater produced during the filtration process unless you know how to reuse it.

The reason RO purifiers generate a huge amount of wastewater is due to the membrane filtration method for purification. A lot of water is required to clean the filter which is then released as wastewater. Of course, the water is not harmful. It just cannot be used for drinking or bathing due to its high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Yet, just throwing the water down the drain is also wasteful. Here are some common uses of RO waste water -

  1. Washing utensils

While using the water for drinking and cooking purposes could lead to bodily harm, washing your vessels with it will not be a problem. Though the high salt content may require some to make a final rinse with normal tap water to ensure white residue is not left on the utensils after the water dries up.

  1. Cleaning Cars

Discarded RO water is great for car washing. People end up using more water than necessary when washing cars, especially when using a hose. Reducing water usage and helping our environment is the added benefit of the same. Water from the purifier can be stored in cans or buckets and taken to your car to wash away the dirt with ease.

  1. Gardening

Watering plants is another great way to utilize the water from RO purifiers. But be sure to check up on your garden, because some varieties of plants might not take well to hard water. Using the wastewater diluted with tap water is a good way to ensure optimal health of your plants.

  1. Washing clothes

With increasing water problems in many megacities, it has become a necessity to save as much of water as possible. Washing clothes in washing machines use a large amount of water. What if you were to switch to discarded RO water for your washing? Think about the saving in water bills. You get to fully utilize the wastewater completely through this method. But you need to be careful about washing delicate clothes in the discarded water since the hardness is very high.

  1. Flushing toilets

This is again one of the best ways to employ wastewater from RO purifiers. Since the quality of water is not pertinent to the task, you can use them without worrying about any detrimental consequences.

  1. Cleaning floor and other surfaces

Using wastewater from RO is great for swabbing the floor and weekly washing of bathrooms. If you are concerned about leftover residue, you can always dilute the discarded RO water with tap water to decrease the TDS content.

As you can see, there are many ways to successfully use what many people believe to be wastewater. Truth be told, the discarded water from RO purifiers is not wastewater, it is wasted water. Picking up the above-mentioned practices can help lower the burden on our cities, towns, and villages and ensure severe water shortage will not be our problem.