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How to Choose a Water Purifier?

How to Choose a Water Purifier?

In today’s times, with our natural water sources depleting due to the rapidly increasing urbanisation and development, it is imperative that people have access to clean drinking water. While buying bottled water may be seen as a solution, it also contributes to your carbon footprint.

In order to invest in water purifier you should be aware of what you need and the kind of water purifier best for you. For that we have listed a few factors for your assistance.

1.Water pressure at your home:
UV (Ultra Violet) and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers always require a certain pressure of water to function properly. If the water pressure at your home is not sufficient, then neither RO nor UV would be advised for you.

2.Quality of the water:
Check if the water supplied to your house is high in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), hardness and saline content. If so then water purifiers with a TDS controller like the ones available at Kelvinator are best suited for you. Also, RO purifiers, which can eliminate dissolved salts, metals and impurities. Carbon activated purifiers are also preferred.

3.Level of contaminants present in your water:
After having checked in a laboratory, you can see the level of pollutants in your water. For instance in a case of high level of microbes and pollutants, having a UV based RO purifier is best advised. Here the UV destroys bacteria and microbes and then the RO filters out the dead germs and other contaminants, giving you clean drinking water.

It is very important for you to research well before investing in a water purifier. Kelvinator water purifiers, for many years, have been trusted by homes for clean drinking water.