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Hydration tips for before and after working out

Hydration tips for before and after working out

Maintaining a healthy body is a methodical process. It can be categorized into different sections based on how they affect one’s health. It involves consuming a healthy and balanced diet, an appropriate amount of physical exercise and sufficient levels of hydration. Hydration is an essential part of staying fit and healthy. It is the basic process of providing your body with sufficient amount of water and other nutritional fluids that are required by the body to generate energy to function throughout the day.

 People who are inclined towards training their body at the gym or fitness centers are likely to follow a stringent set of food and drinking habits. One of the most vital aspects of working out is to manage and maintain the level of fluids in your body, especially if you are rigorously working out at the gym everyday. During intense workouts, your body produces a lot of heat. As a cool off mechanism, your eccrine sweat glands start their work out. When the body temperature goes beyond 98.6 degrees, the hypothalamus is triggered which orders the glands to release a mixture of water, sodium chloride and other electrolytes, this is commonly known as sweat. When the sweat released from the body evaporates, it takes a bit of heat away with it. That’s how the body cools down.

Thus, the water that leaves the body needs to be replenished immediately to restore the fluid levels and maintain the equilibrium of the body.

Hydration is extremely necessary for everyone and those who exercise in particular and these are some of the tips you need to keep in mind:

Before Workout:

  • Make sure to drink 2-3 glasses of water before your workout. Having lukewarm water would act as an additional factor aiding the speed of your metabolism.
  • Drink sufficient/excess water before a long jog/run or an athletic performance or drink fluids that have multiple nutrients in them to keep agile and active for a longer period of time.

During Workout:

  • It is advised to take small sips of water or some sort of sugar-free energy drink while you exercise, especially if your work out session is over 90 minutes to ensure that you do not have a burnout and stop you from getting severely exhausted.
  • It goes without saying that you need to drink clean and purified water at all times to reduce the chances of drinking contaminated water and falling sick. If your gym or fitness center does not have a water purifier or similar facilities, then it is highly advised that you carry your own bottle of purified water.

After Workout:

  • To reimburse the loss of body fluids, it is best to drink a good amount of water a little later after your workout. Avoid drinking a large amount, instead replace it with shorter sips or gulps so your body naturally readjusts the water intake.
  • You may also drink some fresh fruit juices without sugar and ice after you have a workout session. The natural nutrients and sugars from the fruit juice are likely to help boost your energy and replenish your water loss as well. Having cold or icy drinks is likely to recede your metabolism process and also cause cold or a cough as your body is likely to become heated up naturally due to working out.

These are some simple and effective information you might want to keep handy before you start working out. Following these tips and instructions will not only aid you in gaining a better body but also help you lose weight faster by keeping you fresh and hydrated at all times.