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Raising your immunity by drinking clean water

Raising your immunity by drinking clean water


“All good things in this world are free” may be a quote that no longer applies in this world but the dangers that lurk around the free elements available to us, certainly are free and rampant! Water, being one of the most necessary element also comes along with several infections, bacteria and diseases. Especially if the water is not cleaned and sterilized correctly. That implies that apart from being the most essential element, it is also the most common source of different water-borne diseases.

Here we share some of the issues and points related to the above-mentioned topic and walk you through the need to make sure you consume only clean and purified water at all times.

If you are a health-conscious person and generally watch what you eat, then it’s time you start watching what you drink as well. Since water is meant to cleanse your body inside-out ad consuming water that is not clean in itself, will not serve the purpose it is meant to do. Boiling water for about 25 minutes and more is the traditional way to purify drinking water but that may not be the most efficient and quick method to follow and thus, there are hundreds of water filters and purifiers in the market to make that process more effective and consistent for you. At Kelvinator, we strive to help you reduce the tedious process of purifying your drinking water and more. Our UV water purifiers use UV rays to kill the microbes present in the water and leave it clean and ready for consumption. This also guards you from being affected by several commonly spread water-borne diseases and the risks attached to it.
The idea of drinking plenty of water throughout the day is something we follow for ages and the reason to do so are in abundance. Here are a few reasons or ways that water boosts our immune system:

  • Water keeps our body hydrated and allows us to stay fresh and active throughout the day.
  • It helps in cleansing our system. It not just cleanses the toxins in our body but also helps flush out any harmful elements that may have been trapped in your system.
  • It is extremely helpful in digestion process making it particularly great in fastening the bowel movement and making us feel lighter and active.
  • It also is known to help in cleansing our blood, adding antioxidants to the body and that in return reduces blemishes, scars and pimples on the skin by removing toxins and dirt from within.
  • Water is a magical drink that has more than one purpose and thus it is known to help speed up our metabolism and boosts weight loss when taken in combination with other natural juices such as lemon juice, gooseberry juice, etc.

Having water help us in so many ways, it becomes imperative that we make sure to sterilize and purify the water from all sort of microbes present in it and Kelvinator’s range of UV purifiers and water purifiers are extremely successful in doing the same. The technology used in Kelvinator UV water purifiers is so advanced that it can eradicate almost 90% of the germs and bacteria that may be present in the water we consume, making it fit for consumption on a regular basis.


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