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Sick building syndrome, why clean air is necessary for productivity

Sick building syndrome, why clean air is necessary for productivity

Air, you can’t live without it and yet breathing it might actually be doing you harm. And we are not just talking about outside air that is polluted with smoke, smog and other particulate matter. Air indoors including those of homes, offices, schools and other institutions are also increasingly becoming polluted. The lack of ventilation, proper design and other factors have made buildings a haven for a known as condition

sick building syndrome.

Sick Building Syndrome

Caused by breathing in or being exposed to unclean, polluted or contaminated air for prolonged hours, sick building syndrome can often be aggravated due to extreme stress or poor ventilation in offices, homes or educational institutions. The common symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headaches, eye irritation, breathing troubles, etc.

Other factors that cause sick building syndrome are lack of proper ventilation, mold in air, improper exhaust ventilation and several byproducts of office or organizational machinery. People working in enclosed spaces like cabins and workstations are even more susceptible to the condition. The symptoms of sick building syndrome tend to hinder proper work and are common causes for loss of productivity and absenteeism in offices. But the syndrome is not limited to office spaces, homes are also becoming increasingly polluted, causing people to fall sick often.

Dead skin cells, pesticides, pollutants from household products, gases like radon and carbon monoxide and materials like asbestos and lead are leading to increased respiratory illnesses at home. Controlling the air quality indoors has become a difficult proposition, especially in city and most definitely in apartments.  The most convenient and effective way to purify the air of such enclosed spaces is by installing a good quality air purifier such as the Kelvinator Air Purifier. It not just cleans the air but also helps kill microorganisms present in the air.

Using air purifiers not just helps get rid of particulate matter in the air. It makes the air more pure and breathable. By ensuring your home does not fall into The Sick Building Syndrome cycle, air purifiers like the ones from Kelvinator ensure a home has clean air. Another important aspect of clean air in homes includes the home office. As mentioned before, sick building syndrome is one of the leading causes of lower productivity in offices. Same holds true for home offices. If the air quality is bad, then the productivity level of a person breathing in the bad air will also surely drop. Keeping an air purifier near your work area will help in increasing activity levels and alertness.

Breathing clean air is one of the most important aspects of healthy living, however, it might not be the simplest thing to do but Kelvinator has the best solution for you. You must also remember that your house is not as clean as you may think as it is exposed to the polluted environment, pesticides, cooking fumes, air fresheners, etc and can have several molds and microbes present in the air that can cause you and your children to fall sick often. Bringing home a Kelvinator Air Purifier is sure to reduce your chances of falling sick. So, secure your house from air-borne diseases and keep your family healthy!