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The 5-Step Process to Follow When Buying a Water Purifier

The 5-Step Process to Follow When Buying a Water Purifier

1. Check your water quality

Before you start your research on which water purifier to buy, you will need to put in the same research at home. The water quality of your area is a huge factor when choosing a water purifier. Tap water has many contaminants and they vary according to the type of water supply you receive in your area. To get a complimentary water quality test, click here now.

2. Know what type of water purifier you need

In the world of water purifiers, it can get easy to get confused with the many types available on the water purifier market. There are RO water purifiers (reverse osmosis), UV water purifiers (ultra-violet), UF water purifiers and purifiers with a combination of these technologies. It can get confusing to really understand which water purifier is best for you and not what is marketed to you. Read this article to find out more about which water purifier is best suited for you.

3. Make sure it has enough water storage

How many members do you have in your family? How much water do they consume daily? This is a very valid and important point when it comes to water purifiers. The water capacity of the water purifier is essential. For a normal 4 member family a water purifier that has above 8 litres will suffice. If you have more members in your family, you will have to look at storage larger than 10 litres. View our water purifiers here

4. Choose wisely

Once you have chosen a water purifier you will need to understand the after- sales costs and the after-sales quality. Most water purifier companies have very bad after sales reviews. Customers complaining about their products not working and them not being able to utilise their product at all. Be sure to check reviews, and visit forums to see after sales reviews of the product. At Kelvinator we pride ourselves on having the best after sales service in the industry. Our customers get a 1-year free service warranty and our agents call you every quarter for a service check.

5. Choose Iinternational Brands

Water purifiers from international brands have a better reputation and faster service. When picking a brand to go with, it is better to choose one with international quality standards so that you know that your water purifier has the best standard, is correctly priced and has great after-sales service. 

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