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The air you breathe may look pure, but is it?

The air you breathe may look pure, but is it?

Breathe in. Breathe out. Yoga is certainly refreshing, but what about the quality about the air?. With the changing times, the air we breathe has become thicker, impurer and highly contaminated.

The most common reason for children and adults falling sick is caused by air pollution and yet, we aren’t alarmed. The reason is very simple: Since you cannot see air, you naturally cannot see the pollutants that are a part of it either, unlike water or food. A lot of us are even unaware of the extent to which air pollutants can harm humans on a regular basis. This article walks you through the most common air pollutants available indoor and how we need to protect ourselves from its adverse effects.

The air inside your house, office, school or public establishments is not as clean and pure as you might think. Here’s how:

  • When travelling in public transport or private, you are likely to breathe in air that contains mold, pollen from flowers, aerosols from different people’s perfumes, etc. These are the most common air-borne disease-causing pollutants.
  • Offices and School/Colleges are also subjected to air that is contaminated from the fumes of buses, cars, deodorants that also contain levels of cacogenic aerosols in them which may cause allergies and breathing difficulties.
  • Restaurants and Offices are highly likely to have the highest chances of people breathing second hand air, which is generally passive smoking. This is likely to harm you more than smoking itself.
  • Households tend to use several perfumes, pesticide sprays, air fresheners, etc for several purposes but the inhalation of the same on a regular basis can be extremely harmful.
  • Malls may have one or all of the above-mentioned pollutants alongside the high level of carbon dioxide that is present in large closed spaces such as the malls.

Having understood that we are technically never free of breathing contaminated air and neither do we have the method or ability to control the air we breathe at all times, it is necessary to understand that we can, however, change or purify the air we breathe in a lot of controlled environments such as schools, offices, malls, colleges, etc. a simple way of doing so is to invest in a trusted Air purifier. Kelvinator has a great air purifiers that treats all the possible air pollutants in the indoor space and purifies them and filters the air making it  uncontaminated for inhalation. Kelvinator Air purifiers kill a great amount of bacteria, mold and reduces toxicity of the air leaving it fresh, clean and pure to breathe.

So, it is imperative that you take measures to ensure that the air you are exposed to on a daily basis is clean and pure and keep yourself safe and free from air-borne diseases. Do not overestimate the indoors to be pure, be sure to install a good, reliable Air purifier such as Kelvinator and keep yourself and your family fresh and healthy!