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The benchmark of a good brand is in its after-sales.

The benchmark of a good brand is in its after-sales.

From sprawling bungalows to plush apartments, each home has a little bit of kelvinator. Over the last century, no brand has made its presence felt in the Indian household like Kelvinator.  The company has been an acclaimed and a renowned name in the world of home appliances since the 1914. Having been on the market for more than a century, it goes without saying that the secret to the brand’s success lies directly in our ability to serve customers without cutting corners.

With every purchase, customers are encouraged to seek warranty and reach out to the company multiple times, not matter how small the issue. Along with proactive measures such as  preventive maintenance calls, 24 hours turnaround time; the general demeanor of the sales personnel is also give much importance. The brand believes in delivering fine products that are flawless and also ensure their buyers that they are always happy. Kelvinator as a brand is driven by quality and not quantity, which means, that the company strives for loyalty and long-term relationship and keeping the faith of the customers in the company for years and generations. Kelvinator does not just sell home appliances but serves household with amenities. The brand seeks excellence excellence not only in manufacturing products but also by taking it a notch higher by providing unparalleled after sales services to customers new and old.

The key differentiator that makes Kelvinator a ‘go to’ for many is simply the approachability of the brand. The market for water purifiers and air purifiers has been competitive, but customers time and again seek out a brand like Kelvinator for its great quality for the product and the service.

The world around is changing and so are our needs and requirements. As times changed and so did our surroundings, we have been exposed to a lot more pollution than we did decades ago, however, Kelvinator has always proved to be a loyal companion and has brought new and advanced appliances to minimize our work and to provide us with world-class utilitarian and affordable products for every household. With Kelvinator, you bring home innovation and smart technology. Kelvinator has been known for centuries for its immense contribution towards home appliances and its approach towards constant innovation through its products. It is imperative for the brand to make sure to keep standards high and service higher in order to stay anchored to where the brand is positioned in the market till date.

Kelvinator’s driving force is its customers. Through trust, honesty and transparency, the brand has been able to carve out a niche for itself. When sales personnel feel like family, you know the brand is doing something right!