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The case for carrying water from home - for your health and the environment

The case for carrying water from home - for your health and the environment

Young mothers everywhere carry with them a quintessential ‘baby bag’, it contains food, watcher, medication, diapers, socks, an additional onesie - it makes perfect sense. Always be prepared seems to be the general motto of mothers everywhere. But as time passes, we give up on the idea of ‘being prepared’, so much so that we’ve stopped carrying a bottle of water when we step out.

Water is an absolute basic and we must make the effort to stay hydrated all the time. But that’s not enough. While we stay hydrated, we must ensure that the earth is not harmed in the process. Single use plastic like water cups, water bottles contaminate the earth. A piece of plastic goes for hundreds of years before showing even the first signs of decomposition and that’s a matter of grave concern. We simply cannot be that reckless with our lives and the earth.

Here’s a quick case for carrying water from home.

  1. Water everywhere is not the same - Water in different parts of the city has different constituents and contaminants, if you’re taking water from home, you’re in control of what you put in your body
  2. Dehydration is bad for the body: If you’re unable to access clean water, you run the risk of dehydration. It puts stress on your body, makes you tired and lowers productivity. That’s a huge price to pay for not drinking water.
  3. Water from home is fresh: Mineral water stored in supermarkets is often sitting on the shelf for days. While the water itself has no expiry date; the plastic bottle acts as a contaminating factor.
  4. Where there is water, there is chances of infection: Water borne diseases spread rapidly where quality of water is not checked. Water in restaurants, cafes can have dissolve microorganisms that can cause severe water infection.
  5. Not all filters are created equal: Kelvinator’s UV, UF RO technology ensures that every drop of water is free of germs and dissolved impurity. But that’s not the case with every filter. If filters have not been maintained or if they have been neglected for too long they could play host to a variety of germs and physical impurity!.
  6. Do it for the earth: This environment day, plastic as a matter of concern was discussed in great detail. While we cannot clean every ocean, river and sea in a matter of days, we certainly cannot dump more of our garbage there. Every straw, every bottle, every cup eventually ends up in the ocean and that’s not a great for the flora and fauna that thrive in the environment.

Let’s me more responsible with our health and our surroundings. After all, we can only be as healthy as our water is!