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The importance of understanding and preventing adverse effects of contaminated water

The importance of understanding and preventing adverse effects of contaminated water

Water contamination is the phenomenon where natural water bodies get contaminated through various human activities. One of the most common ways of contamination occurs when a large amount of untreated waste waters gets released in natural water bodies causing immense damage and degradation to the aquatic ecosystem. Contamination of these water bodies goes to several parts of the country and is used in several ways such as drinking, bathing, irrigation, etc and can be a cause of several water-borne diseases. Most common way of water contamination is through waste waters getting mixed with agricultural water/irrigation waters that then get transferred into the food crops grown that are further sold to the general public for regular consumption.

The main causes of water bodies being contaminated is the excess release of polluted water from water waste treatment plants, factories, agricultural lands, etc which generally contains harmful chemicals and pathogens that can enter the food chain through the ground and cause grave damage to the human body. Chemical contaminants consist of nitrogen, salts, bleach, metals, toxins, etc and that when mixed with our drinking for or the water we use to bathe can be extremely harmful and toxic in the long run.

Though it may be difficult to stop water pollution completely by yourself but you can definitely take smaller steps to purify your water by installing a good quality water purifier such as Kelvinator purifier. Apart from which there are easy tests that can be done by using simple water test kits available at local hardware stores or online. These tests basically test the level of nitrites, nitrates, iron, copper, lead, etc in the water and also tests the hardness of the water.

The easiest and most effective way of ensuring that you consume only clean, healthy and uncontaminated water is by installing water purifiers that have the technology to destroy the present toxins or microbes in the water making it completely eligible for consumption. Kelvinator has a great range of water purifiers that not only destroy the existing pollutants in the water but are also equipped with UV RO technology that enriches the water and purifies it completely. Having a powerful water purifier not only allows you to stay safe and free from water-borne diseases but also ensures to keep your family and you healthy and active.