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What is Double Purification?

What is Double Purification?

In the current scenario of the society where urbanisation has taken over and our natural resources are depleting, it is imperative that we take stronger measures to ensure we and our families have constant access to clean drinking water. While there are ways like buying bottled water, it may not be the most viable solution. That is why people are now looking to invest in water purifiers, which gives them access to clean drinking water which helps them maintain their health and keep unwanted elements like lead, chlorine and many other diseases at bay.

Ever since the inception of the concept of water purification, we have been exposed to major processes, RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV/UF (Ultra Violet/Ultrafiltration). Double Purification is a process which makes use of both processes. As proven, double purified water is much safer and better in quality than water purified with a single technology purification system.

The mark of an effective Double Purification system lies in the fact as to how well does the purifier retain the natural minerals through a TDS controller (Total Dissolved Solids) like the water purifiers by Kelvinator. This helps in making the water taste better and also retain the nutrients.

It is a fact that many of our water sources (like river and groundwater) have deteriorated due to increasing industrialisation and urbanisation.

Most towns in India are not exposed to treated water because of which people fall ill and are victims of many diseases. This is the reason why double purified water is the need of the hour, to ensure families have access to clean and healthy water.