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What Water Purifier Should You Use for Borewell Water

What Water Purifier Should You Use for Borewell Water

In most big cities, your main source for water is borewell water. Borewell water is the safest water to consume when it comes to cooking and drinking, however borewell water also has physical and bacterial contaminants. Your borewell water supply might contain heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other disease inducing impurities. For this reason it is advisable, to install a good RO (reverse osmosis) + UV (ultra violet) water purifier. Here are the 5 things that a RO (reverse osmosis) + UV (ultraviolet) will do to ensure that you have clean and pure drinking water coming from your borewell, that also tastes clean.

Check your TDS level.
Water hardness measures the physical impurities in your water. This can be done by a Kelvinator technician to assess the water in your area. If the TDS level is above 200 PPM, your borewell water is hard water. 

What kind of water purifier do you need for borewell water?
Once your TDS check is done, our Kelvinator technician will suggest an RO + UV water purifier, to purify your borewell water. Why do you need an RO + UV water purifier? You need one, because the RO +UV water purifier does a number of things to purify your water in the most efficient way. 

What does the RO + UV water purifier do to my borewell water?
  • It possesses a 6 Stage Advance Purification Cartridge which remove physical impurities, inorganic polymeric molecules and all micro biological organisms.
  • With UV Radiation at 2537 Angstrom unit the Ayoni RO +UV water purifier destroys bacteria, algae, fungi.
  • It prevents water wastage with it's automatic switch.
  • The anti-scaling stick minimizes scaling of hard salts which ensures longer membrane life, reducing the cost of replacement of the membrane.
  • It restores the original taste and freshness of water.
  • It has an added feature of a detachable tank so that you can clean it yourself.
Let Kelvinator make our borewell water clean, pure and tasty by installing an Ayoni RO + UV purifier. 

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