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When should you drink water? Is there a time that is best suited?

When should you drink water? Is there a time that is best suited?

“ I watch people around me not drinking water all day, and I turn into the water police. I’m constantly asking, are you drinking water? Being dehydrated very quickly affects my energy.”
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy, Canadian Actress.

She is absolutely right! Isn’t she? Looking closer into the realm of things associated with dehydration, the plausible effect has always occurred with “ less water in, more sweat out” conditions. Yes, as you are aware that the human bodies are composed of 60% water, it is by default that timely hydration must become an inseparable part of the daily routine. Now that you have an idea why water is the power key to kill the demons of dehydration, the questions remain - when should one drink water and if there are specific situations and timings, what are they?

  • Water, the ultimate morning wake-up call:

  • The primary rule for staying hydrated is to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water which otherwise the body engines will feel the trouble in kick-starting the day. Do not leave your stomach empty before you head out to fill the space with breakfast. This is another great point to consider as it helps in flushing the toxins out of the body

  • Before your mouth picks up a tasty snack to invade, begin with water:

  •        Most of us have an instant attraction towards a snack which is colourful, loaded with sugar   love, invites our mouth to have a session of delightfulness. In that case, think twice before heading out to have a box of calories. Gulp down a glass of water. This helps in keeping the craving levels low and your body will really feel thankful

  • Not just for small-snack sessions, but before any meal:

  • The best aspect of drinking water is it helps in breaking down the complicated solids that you have during a meal and  thus improve digestion. Make sure that you have some amount of water right before the meal which again is a great way to keep the performance of acidic foods in control

  • Make water your gym-buddy and take it along:

  • Body fluid level and temperature differ from a person to person. How your body adjusts to gym-training conditions, it all depends on the level of water intake before sweating out.

    Start eliminating body dehydration gradually and steadily by making water the best ever gym partner you could have. This goes without saying - having adequate amount of water after the sessions will keep the stomach cramps at bay

  • Not feeling in pink of health? This colourless fluid to rescue!

  • Drinking water helps fight with the virus, germs and pushes them out of your body system. In other situations where your body goes through dizziness, headache or urinary issues, you can resolve to drinking plenty of warm water.

    Alright. Do you see a water bottle next to you? Pick that up quickly and drink! A reminder to stay hydrated all the times, just what your body requires.

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