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Why do you need a Water Purifier?

Why do you need a Water Purifier?

In India, all households must be fitted with a good water purifier. With so many water purifiers in the market, finding the best water purifier might seem difficult. With water purifiers that have modern technologies like RO, UV, UF, which one is the best technology for you?

Kelvinator aims to make buying a water purifier easy for you, with a couple of easy explanations and examples.

The first question you will ask before your first purchase of a water purifier is:

Do I need a water purifier?
Tap water contains a multitude of bacteria, dirt, waterborne diseases and other impurities that make drinking water smell and taste bad. The main aim of buying a water purifier is to eliminate all the above-mentioned impurities. Water is a big part of your life, and a water purifier ensures that you get the purest and safest drinking water. Without the use of an efficient water purifier, you are exposed to these contaminants and risk the chance of contracting diseases.

Is boiling water safe?
Boiling water will not remove particles that contain lead, chemicals, pesticides, mercury and many more toxins that are present in your water. You can succumb to lead poisoning or any other waterborne disease by consuming boiled water. In order to avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you invest in a water purifier.

Which water purifier should I buy?
If you are a first-time buyer, and just want a basic purifier, Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is the way to go! RO purifiers are short for Reverse Osmosis Purifiers. RO purifiers use reverse osmosis technology to filter out any foreign or toxic material in your water, making it good and safe drinking water. RO water purifiers are considered the best water purifiers for your home. Good RO water purifiers remove 98% of harmful water toxins and eliminate bad taste and smell from tap water.

Reduce your risk of illness and disease by investing in a good water purifier now. For more information or to purchase an RO water purifier click here.