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From water purifiers that provide you germ-free purified drinking water, to air purifiers that ensure that you are breathing clean air. Kelvinator is the ideal choice for a healthy home and a healthy family.
Ayoni UF Water Purifier
Rs. 8,499
Restores the original taste and freshness of water with Ayoni's UF Post-Carbon Cartridge,Reduces harmful chemicals like pesticides and chlorine,Inhibits growth of water-borne microorganisms.No overflow and No dry running. The system activates a pr...
Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)
Rs. 10,999
The in-built Voltage Stabiliser ensures your purifier works well even during voltage fluctuations.Reinforced Sediment Cartridge removes large suspended particles and protects the carbon filter from clogging.Auto Shut Off technology is an energy-sa...
Sparkle Water Purifier (RO+UV+UF+TDSC)
Rs. 14,999
It has a large Storage Capacity of 10 litres makes sure you have enough safe drinking water,Ultra Violet UV Radiation at 2357 Angstrom unit is capable of destroying bacteria, algae, and fungi. Ultra Filtration Membrane removes inorganic polymeric ...
Quanta Water Purifier (RO+UF+Alkaline)
Rs. 15,999
No overflow and No dry running. The system activates a pressure booster pump when the water in the storage tank goes below a point.Removes inorganic polymeric molecules and microorganisms like physical and biological contamination.Restores the ori...
Fresh Air Purifier
Rs. 10,999
The Remote control operated Purifier brings you the highest level of comfort and convenience in operation of your purifier.Equipped with a negative ion (useful for enhancing metabolism and homeostasis of the human body) generator can produce abund...
Pure Air Purifier
Rs. 18,999
The automatic motor speed control allows you to set the air purifier to operate fully automatically, depending upon current air quality,Pure Air Purifier's filter change indicator lets you know that the functions are working and indicate when the ...