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Water Purifiers

Ayoni RO+UV Water Purifier
Sold out
With UV Radiation at 2537 Angstrom unit that destroys bacteria, algae, fungi. Possesses 6 Stage Advance Purification Cartridges which remove physical impurities, inorganic polymeric molecules and all mi...
Sparkle Water Purifier (RO+UV+UF+TDSC)
Rs. 14,999
Designed with RO+UV+UF+TDSC controller. Sparkle water purifiers comes with UV Radiation at 2537 Angstrom unit which destroys bacteria, algae, fungi. Featuring a TDSC Controller which adds the minerals t...
Ayoni UF Water Purifier
Rs. 8,499
Get used to drinking tasty, fresh, pure and safe water when you have Kelvinator's Ayoni UF water purifier installed at your home. It ensures that the water that you drink is healthy and is free from dis...
Quanta Water Purifier (RO+UF+Alkaline)
Rs. 15,999
Designed with RO+UF+Alkaline. Features Advanced Purification Cartridges that removes physical impurities, inorganic polymeric molecules, and all microbiological organisms. Inhibits growth of water-borne...
Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)
Rs. 10,999
Provides fine filtration through its 5 Stage Filtration Process that purifies your water by removing unwanted salts and impurities. An RO Purifier, Essenciaa reduces harmful chemicals including pesticid...