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  • Kelvinator Ayoni and Kelvinator Quanta is warranted against defects arising from faulty design, workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of sale whichever is earlier, strictly subject to the following conditions.
  • The customer will promptly notify the Company in writing of any defects noticed and give the Company or its authorized agent adequate opportunity to inspect, test and rectify the defects on site or at the Company's authorized service centers. If the product is required to be serviced at the Company's office / service center as determined by the concerned service technician, the customer will have to submit the product at the Company's authorized service center along with this warranty card and the original invoice.
  • The Company's authorized service personnel will visit the customer's place once in every three months to assess the functioning of the unit in the absence of any complaint calls from the customer during the previous three months. If the customer premises' is more than 50 kms away from the Company's service center / service franchisee, expenses incurred towards conveyance, stay and other incidental expenditures will have to be borne by the customer.
  • Inspection and test report from the Company's office / service center will be final and binding under this warranty for determining defects, repairs, alterations required or carried out and for certifying working of the products thereafter.
  • Under this warranty, replacement of components which are subject to normal wear and tear such as sediment cartridges, activated carbon filters will be done once free of cost. Subsequent replacements, if warranted, will be done on a chargeable basis at rates revalent at the time of requirement. However, pure consumables such as anti-scalants and microshield cartridges are not covered by this warranty and will have to be purchased as and when required.
  • The Company's liability under this warranty shall be limited only to rectifying or providing replacement of defective parts in the product/s which occur under the conditions of normal operation of goods and their proper and prescribed use.
  • This warranty does not cover total product replacement nor extends to defects which are determined by the Company or its authorized agents as occurring or resulting from or attributable to negligence or misuse, faulty care or improper maintenance or defective electrical circuits at customer's premises or damage caused due to transportation / shifting, abnormal voltage beyond the range specified for the product, lightening and other such acts of God or repair / alterations with the goods or any part/s thereof by persons other than those authorized by the Company.
  • The Company's liability under this warranty shall be valid only if the products are duly installed by the Company employees or its authorized service partners at the location specified in the service card.
  • The Company's liabilities under this warranty shall be limited to the first sale of goods, to the customers by the company's authorised distributors / dealers and will not apply or extend to any secondary or subsequent sale of goods by the customer.
  • Repairs or replacements will be carried out either by the Company's direct service personnel or the Company's service franchisee partners. The Company or its authorized service center/ franchisee partner reserves the right, at its discretion, to retain any defective part(s) or component(s) replaced under this warranty.
  • The Company's liability under this warranty shall in no event and under no circumstances exceed the price paid by the customer for purchasing the product/s.
  • This warranty will be in force only for the time specified above irrespective of the replacements provided to the customer under this warranty and such replacements shall not attract any fresh period of warranty.
  • This warranty shall automatically stand terminated on the expiry of the warranty period specified herein above, even if the product sold may not be in use any time during the warranty period for any reason whatsoever.
  • This warranty shall not cover any consequential liabilities and the customer will have no claim against the Company, its employees and its authorized agents under or pursuant to this warranty, in respect of death or injury to the customer or any other person or loss or damagError! Hyperlink reference not valid.e to any property caused by or due to equipment failure arising directly or indirectly out of any defects in the products, breakdown or accident, fire or utilization of the products not in accordance with methods prescribed in the user manual or due to any other cause or circumstances beyond the control of the Company.
  • This warranty is valid only in India and is issued at Chennai. Courts at Chennai shall have exclusive jurisdiction on matters covered by or flowing from this warranty.


With respect to this warranty, the following expressions shall have the meanings as detailed here below.

  • The Products shall mean the products described in the invoice
  • The Customer shall mean the original purchaser of the products from the Company's authorized Distributors / Dealers.
  • The Company shall mean `MORF INDIA LIMITED'.
  • General Terms and Conditions shall mean the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Customer and the Company as specified in the sale order form
  • Invoice shall mean the invoice issued by the Company's authorized Distributors / Dealers describing the goods and indicating, inter alia the total purchase price thereof and the name of the Customer
  • The Company shall mean `MORF INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED'.

Note: This warranty is valid only if produced along with the proof of purchase. ie., invoice from our authorized Distributors / Dealers.