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Ayoni UF Water Purifier

Rs. 8,499
Ayoni UF Water Purifier

Ayoni UF Water Purifier

Rs. 8,499

Restores the original taste and freshness of water with Ayoni's UF Post-Carbon Cartridge,Reduces harmful chemicals like pesticides and chlorine,Inhibits growth of water-borne microorganisms.No overflow and No dry running. The system activates a pressure booster pump when the water in the storage tank goes below a point.Removes micro sediment particles and carbon slip by protecting the membrane from undue clogging.

    • Get used to drinking tasty, fresh, pure and safe water when you have Kelvinator's Ayoni UF water purifier installed at your home.
    • It ensures that the water that you drink is healthy and is free from disease.
    • The purifier provides 5 stages of purification. 
    • Prevents overflow and dry running with its specialized sensors.
    • Consumes low power.
    • It can either be wall mounted or placed on top of counters.
    • Save time, money and effort with its free installation services.
    • Get the best out of Kelvinator products with its 24/7 customer support and service.
    • 24/7 Toll Free Helpline: 18001036633.
    • Free installation & Doorstep services.
    • One year comprehensive Warranty.
    • Aesthetic and patented one of a kind design.
    • One year comprehensive warranty.
    • Our servicing agents will contact you within 24 hours from the time the issue is raised.
    Technical specifications

    Technical specifications

    • Specification

      Storage Tank Capacity (litres) - 9

      Installation Mode - Wall Mount 

      Power Rating - 36 Watts 

    • Features 

      Flow Rate (litres per hour - 24)

      Maximum Daily Usage - 5 Hours 

    • Water Characteristics

      pH Value - 7.0 - 8.0 

      Total Dissolved - 300 ppm

      Iron/Manganese - <0.3 ppm 

      Total Hardness - <50ppm 

    * Download includes the full technical specification.