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Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Rs. 10,999
Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Rs. 10,999
    • Provides fine filtration through its 5 Stage Filtration Process that purifies your water by removing unwanted salts and impurities.
    • An RO Purifier, Essenciaa reduces harmful chemicals including pesticides, volatile organic compounds, residual chlorine etc.
    • Impregnation of silver also effectively inhibits growth of water-borne microorganisms and imparts good taste and freshness to the water.
    • Removes large suspended particles, turbidity and makes the water crystal clear.
    • Suitable for 500 to 2500ppm TDS in the raw water.
    • Prevents overflow and dry running with its automatic switch.
    • Operates at wider AC input range, IPM effectively protects the purifier from severe power fluctuations, short circuits & also withstands universal power conditions.
    • Free installation services.
    • Get the best out of Kelvinator products with its responsive customer support and service.
    • One year warranty.
    • The in-built Voltage Stabiliser ensures your purifier works well even during voltage fluctuations.
    • Reinforced Sediment Cartridge removes large suspended particles and protects the carbon filter from clogging.
    • Auto Shut Off technology is an energy-saving feature which automatically shuts off the pump if not used for over 10 minutes.
    • The Fine Sediment Cartridge removes micro sediment particles & carbon slip and protects the membrane from undue clogging.
    • One year comprehensive warranty.
    • Our servicing agents will contact you within 24 hours from Issue raised.


Technical specifications

  • Specification

    Storage Tank Capacity (litres) - 7.5

    Installation Mode - Wall Mount

    Power Rating - 36 Watts 

  • Features 

    Flow Rate (litres per hour - 10)

    Permeate - 20%

    TDS Reduction - 90% Minimum 

    Membrane Capacity - 75 GPD 

    Maximum Daily Usage - 5 Hours 

  • Water Characteristics

    pH Value - 7.0 - 8.0 

    Total Dissolved - 500 ppm - 2500ppm 

    Iron/Manganese - <0.3 ppm 

    Total Hardness - <500ppm 

* Download includes the full technical specification.

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