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Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Rs. 10,999
Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Essenciaa Water Purifier (RO)

Rs. 10,999

The in-built Voltage Stabiliser ensures your purifier works well even during voltage fluctuations.Reinforced Sediment Cartridge removes large suspended particles and protects the carbon filter from clogging.Auto Shut Off technology is an energy-saving feature which automatically shuts off the pump if not used for over 10 minutes.The Fine Sediment Cartridge removes micro sediment particles & carbon slip and protects the membrane from undue clogging.

    • Provides fine filtration through its 5 Stage Filtration Process that purifies your water by removing unwanted salts and impurities.
    • An RO Purifier, Essenciaa reduces harmful chemicals including pesticides, volatile organic compounds, residual chlorine etc.
    • Impregnation of silver also effectively inhibits growth of water-borne microorganisms and imparts good taste and freshness to the water.
    • Removes large suspended particles, turbidity and makes the water crystal clear.
    • Suitable for 500 to 2500ppm TDS in the raw water.
    • Prevents overflow and dry running with its automatic switch.
    • Operates at wider AC input range, IPM effectively protects the purifier from severe power fluctuations, short circuits & also withstands universal power conditions.
    • Free installation services.
    • Get the best out of Kelvinator products with its responsive customer support and service.
    • One year warranty.
    • One year comprehensive warranty.
    • Our servicing agents will contact you within 24 hours from Issue raised.


Technical specifications

  • Specification

    Storage Tank Capacity (litres) - 7.5

    Installation Mode - Wall Mount

    Power Rating - 36 Watts 

  • Features 

    Flow Rate (litres per hour - 10)

    Permeate - 20%

    TDS Reduction - 90% Minimum 

    Membrane Capacity - 75 GPD 

    Maximum Daily Usage - 5 Hours 

  • Water Characteristics

    pH Value - 7.0 - 8.0 

    Total Dissolved - 500 ppm - 2500ppm 

    Iron/Manganese - <0.3 ppm 

    Total Hardness - <500ppm 

* Download includes the full technical specification.

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